16th November 07

The Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc Social Issues Survey sent to 500 sitting and aspiring politicians achieved its goal. So far, it has demonstrated that:

Approximately 70 candidates have not treated the electorate with contempt.

The fear of the perceived ‘faith’ vote has frightened the majority of politicians.

An unknown number of potential leaders hide their personal religious ‘beliefs’.

The media has lost its way with investigative journalism.

Religion continues directly and indirectly to compromise Democracy.

President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc, David Nicholls, said of the survey: “The honesty and integrity of those who have filled in the Survey makes them very worthy of consideration at the election on 24th November. In regard to those who did not respond, there could be no better example of the expression of bringing into office, ‘a pig in a poke’.”

The AFA is hopeful that a little prodding by the media will substantially increase the numbers of our prospective leaders willing to inform the public what they think on these vital social issues.