6th November 07

The public expects to choose its leaders with full knowledge of the opinions held on economic, social and environmental matters. A fully informed electorate is the essential engine of democracy.

In light of this, the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc has sent a Social Issues Survey to federal political aspirants regarding modern community concerns. It is the unwritten task of investigative journalism to seek, question and report the attitudes of contenders, on not only monetary and ecological policy, but any hidden personal beliefs. This is especially the case if those values influence politicians to vote against the public interest.

The AFA Social Issues Survey is unique in that it supplies the media a framework on which to build a helpful profile of those seeking to exercise power on behalf of all Australians. David Nicholls, president of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc stated; “Western democratic systems are beset with people using dogma instead of rational and reasoned evaluation as a guide in making law. This is leading civilisation back into a Dark Age mentality. Those recognising the threat are duty-bound to react according to their capacity.

When oppression grows, brought about by inaction, it will be a heavy burden to bear.”