24th December 07

As expected ’tis the season for vilification by Christianity of Atheism. Pulpits remonstrate against an evil humanity with religion the only saving antidote. What is wrong with this picture? Everything!

Humans are not inherently bad. The notion that we are in need of a set of instructions from a god enabling goodness to rule, is not only false, it has produced a self loathing civilisation trapped by its own manufactured narrow tenets. In the name of pious absolutism, hurt and oppression continues unabated, wreaking havoc on those falling outside of its arbitrary precepts.

Yes, there are good religious people, but they exist not because of belief in a supernatural realm and deity but despite such beliefs. The negatives of religion outweigh the benefits to the point of being a danger to the survival of life on earth.

Love, respect, compassion, cooperation, etc are evolutionary traits built on common desires. Therefore freely chosen Atheism is the default position for a more just and equitable society.

Atheism does not require an indoctrination process, as it contains no beliefs. Its only demand is that those with religious conviction supply evidence if they wish to manipulate the public to their way of thinking. So far, that evidence has not been forthcoming.

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