31st December 07

The brutal censorial death of Benazir Bhutto, those around her at the time and the horrendous injuries inflicted in the name of politicised religion, once again reveal the intractable disease of the mind caused by childhood faith-indoctrination.

This is not a problem specific to any one nation; it is part and parcel of the combination of human nature and circumstance. Whether it is the Christian George W Bush told by a god to decimate Iraq or a puppet of the Islamic creed killing randomly, the end-result only varies by available method.

The spectre of nuclear weapons in the hands of dissembled and rearranged minds intent on introducing a particular ideology at any cost is now an alarming closer reality. How long will luck be the arbiter of this dangerous game played out in the name of hyper-active imagination?

Will the driving forces of childhood programming coupled with the trepidation of our eventual demise, be a self-fulfilling prophesy for a large part, or all of humanity in one horrific moment of gratuitous madness?