24 March 08

The call by Abu Bakar Bashir for “young Muslims to die as martyrs” is yet another example of irresponsible incitement by extremist Islamist elements. Curbing such inflammatory sentiment is not achievable by ignoring it. Paying no heed to hate-speak, places the lives and wellbeing of targeted people and bystanders at eventual risk.

The Australian government is duty-bound to protest to Indonesia at the highest diplomatic level. Whether this eventually involves the reassessment of aid, a review of cooperation between the armed forces or some other measure, is a ministerial matter.

It is also well-nigh the time for moderate Muslim clerics, world-wide, strongly, consistently and continually to voice their disapproval at the rantings of the likes of Abu Bakar Bashir, in sermons and in the media. They should also petition regimes from where such venom emanates.

President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc, David Nicholls said. “Islamic individuals must start a grass-roots movement, making it crystal clear to their leaders that decent people revile those hell-bent on creating indiscriminate mayhem in the name of religion.”

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