28 April 08

Atheism has few friends in the media who are willing or able to proclaim clearly, proudly and concisely secular ideas as a matter of urgency for humanity. The few who burst forth with unsettling concepts demonstrate a necessary beacon of independent thought, because they can.

One such person was Pamela Bone. With a passion born of understanding and a fierce determination resulting from witnessing large and small-scale horrors, she reported it all with a humour defined by the need to remain sane in an often all-too-insane world. Pamela Bone projected thoughts onto paper as inspired artists represent every minute and important detail on canvas.

We will miss the cutting wit, the intelligent comment, the reasoned appraisal and, most of all, we will miss knowing that somewhere out there Pamela Bone is no longer working at making the world a better place for everyone.

Goodbye Pamela, we will not meet again. Your impact on all that is good lives after you. Your example begs imitation. Your life was more worthwhile than most of us can dream of equalling. Thank you for being on our side so effectively. Your blink in infinity is over. It will not be forgotten.

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