5 May 08

There is a growing disquiet amongst Atheists concerning the looming Catholic World Youth Day. Atheists are rightfully upset that secular governments are spending lavishly on supporting a particular belief system, which demonstrably is no better in its historical and present political and social context than any other.

A huge wooden cross back-dropped by a macabre ‘sacred’ corpse and an elderly bloke in flowing robes, surrounded by a plethora of costumed priests and bishops, provides a false impression of the deeper negative implications.

Even though numerical Catholicism in the Western world is in a plummeting free-fall, its destructive influence in developing nations is growing alarmingly. Parts of Africa, Asia, South America and the Philippines suffer tremendously under the well recorded heel of irrational and compassionless Vatican dogma.

President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc, David Nicholls said. “Australian support for this superstitious entourage makes it a guilty party in the religious oppression of millions of people on a scale never before witnessed by humanity.”

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