12 July 08

The leader of the Papal Empire is to spend five days in Australia coinciding with Catholic World Youth Day. The media will be awash with the grandeur of the proceedings, reporting each day the minutest of details down to the colour of the Pope’s shoes and head-adorning mitre. There will be glowing testimonials from young people from many parts of the planet, all radiant with breathless wonder at being in the presence of a god’s messenger on earth. The spectacle of outdoor events will do justice to the most famous of famous rock bands. The bright colours, flowing robes, saintly countenances, the Latin-speak at ornate altars and incense filling the air will convey to the faithful that all is beautiful under heaven. The press will concentrate on these trappings, as is their job.

Another and more important part of their profession is to question, investigate, dig deeper than the facade and make known as to why there is fierce opposition to this delusional opulence promoting un-evidenced supernatural entities and realms. It is upon the shoulders of reporters to come to grips with the overwhelming facts about the harms wrought by religions, not just the Catholic variety, but all religions holding humans in imaginary sacred bondage.

The immensity of death, suffering and oppression accompanying unyielding faith driven dogma is not top-secret. However, its hidden-under-the-carpet nature is a result of human fear of mortality. So great and underestimated is the terror brought on to some, by knowing of their own eventual demise, there is a willingness to sacrifice others in their millions for assumed personal deliverance from perdition to glorious bliss for all eternity.

Journalists; do the task you are paid to do, the one that initiated the freedoms democratised countries now enjoy, the one that has hovered at the forefront of social betterment since the time of Gutenberg. Demonstrate to other nations wracked by religious tyranny that Australia stands as a beacon of hope for humanity and broadcast the most import message of all. The universe is devoid of helpful otherworldly friends who will save civilization from the mounting social and environmental problems, and the only possible ‘salvation’ will be by our own hands.

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