22nd August 08

After much consideration, it was the unanimous decision of the full Committee of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc that the annual prestigious Grossly Outlandish Deficiency Award, be presented to Catholic Cardinal, George Pell.

Another suggested recipient was the religious collective, demonstrating a stance based in bigotry towards women, same-sex oriented persons, faith indoctrination of children, an anti-science stance concerning evolution and stem cell research and the indefensible opposition to legal voluntary euthanasia.

Taking into account the fact that bigotry in religion will always be with us, the Committee narrowed the field to exemplary ecclesiastical dignitaries fitting the bill.

A committee member summed up the feelings of all those present by stating: “George has excelled himself this past year. What with threatening Victorian parliamentarians with eternal damnation over their vote on abortion, promoting Pope-speak deriding atheism as the evil-curse of the 20th century, fudging a response on how he personally handled a sexual abuse case and behind the scenes orchestrating the shut down of Sydney Town, I think he had done an astounding job deserving of recognition. I know he was a recipient of this fine award in 2004, but extraordinary circumstances require an extraordinary response.”

Once again, as is usual with this award, it having no substance and being ethereal in nature, in line with religious convention, this should pose no problem to the beneficiary.

David Nicholls
Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc
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