‘APN Outdoors’ the company responsible for Public Metropolitan Transport Advertising says no to Atheism.

26 November 2008

The bus slogan campaign proposed by the AFA with the thought provoking sentiment, “Atheism – Celebrate reason!” has been refused for display by ‘APN Outdoors’. Various other phrases also deemed unacceptable.

Following the lead of Humanists in London and Washington in the USA, with their intended bus signs, an International program by Humanists and Atheists was to commence on the 20 January 09 using buses to express the secular viewpoint.

Richard Dawkins in supporting the London bus signs has stated that such a campaign “Will make people think”.

President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc, David Nicholls said: “I am flabbergasted. This is extremely disappointing and a severe blow to freedom of expression in Australia. We are witnessing the result of seemingly paranoid executives interfering with pertinent social comment. This action has thwarted the right to state peacefully and openly a legitimate and timely message without violence.

Australia is going to look provincial and narrow in outlook to the rest of the world because of this decision. The planet is moving to a more enlightened era but apparently, public transport advertising agents in Australia have missed the bus. Isn’t that ironic”


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