Atheist Foundation launches bus advert fund.

2 November 2008

Due to the incredible response by the community and the media to the London bus slogans, the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc has initiated a similar program in Australia.

It is envisaged that all state capitals will be involved in carrying the signs on their buses.

The message: “Atheism – Because there is no credible evidence” clearly and concisely explains the Atheist stance.

President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia, David Nicholls said: “The positive reaction to the London experience demonstrates there is an opening for Atheists to visibly express their thoughts. At this time in history, religion is attempting to wrench away the benefits of the enlightenment of only a few hundred years ago. It is threatening human survivability.

Atheists have been looking for a constructive way to counteract the growing power and irrationality of religion and this looks like it might fit the bill.”

The AFA is calling for donations to fund the endeavour. The more money raised, the greater the exposure into the public consciousness.

For details, contact head office.

David Nicholls
Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc
Private Mail Bag 6

Ph: (08) 8835 2269
E-Mail: [email protected]