15 September 08

The circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Angelique Flowers highlights the abysmal state of socially responsible politics in Australia. The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and the state of Oregon have successfully implemented voluntary euthanasia or physician assisted suicide laws.

The reason Australia doesn’t follow suit is not because of any inherent dangers in properly controlled systems of legal voluntary euthanasia but because of the unrepresentative interference by religion in parliamentary process.

Many politicians, hiding behind a conscience vote continue to reject the informed wishes of the majority, out of a perceived fear of divine or party admonition. Others have succumbed to the contrived assertion of a slippery-slope scenario, a product of an intensely orchestrated mischievous propaganda campaign.

No one is immune from the horrific lottery of dying from a terminal illness in unremitting pain. Is our governance of such a pathetic nature that it will take the threat of electoral defeat to prod parliamentarians into passing humane laws where the choice of deliverance is available to those in desperate need?

David Nicholls
Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc
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