23 May 2009

Fr Frank Brennan, a leading public relations figure for one of the wealthiest corporations in Australia, the Roman Catholic Church, an organisation infamous for, amongst other things, sexual, mental and physical abuse of children, refusal to grant equality to women, and ongoing vilification of same-sex-oriented people is heading a Federal Government consultation on Human Rights in Australia.

Twenty to fifty percent of the population have no or minimal beliefs in the supernatural but there is only small reference to the rights of those with no religion.

With no intention of demeaning the immense value brought to wider human rights issues by Frank Brennan the task before the committee on Human Rights in Australia is about equality under established law. Father Brennan cannot adjudicate with an impartial mind on matters conflicting with his faith.

The Atheist Foundation of Australia is appalled at the government decision to have such a biased and inflexible ideologically driven person on a committee making decisions for every Australian. This does not bode well for an outcome promising equality of human rights for all citizens.

The AFA calls for the immediate resignation of Father Frank Brennan, replaced by an impartial representative of the community not influenced by personal religious beliefs.

This Media Release is in response to National Human Rights Online Consultation

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