2 May 2009

In 1991, the USA population was 253 million. The National Council of Churches that year reported $450 billion dollars of untaxed income. The number of people in Australia in 2009 is in the vicinity of 20 million.

Using these amounts and an educated guess, religions in Australia did not pay tax on *$35.5 billion dollars or some figure short of that although still appreciable. As this money in not accounted for, even generously allowing for 10 billion dollars spent on charity, it leaves 25 billion untaxed dollars made up by ALL Australians, not only those who follow a faith.

The Churches are rolling in it. Is it any wonder that they are extraordinary quiet about the actual total that hardworking Australians are subsiding?

David Nicholls, president of the AFA said, “One has only to state a belief in an invisible superman in the sky to flout the taxation laws and make them a nice little earner. Our ‘moral guardians’ are living off the fat of the land while the rest of the country struggles with debt.”

*The Australian Humanist No. 93 Autumn 2009 – Perkins & Gomez estimate $31B annually. (Not including unknown GST or FBT)

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