17 March 2010
12 – 14 March 2010 will go down in history as the time Atheism came of age in Australia. The response to The Rise of Atheism convention by the media who were taken by surprise had some sections reeling off and exaggerating inconsequential negatives as though a hole has appeared in the centre of the city of Melbourne and was devouring all before it.
Many reports penned were from journalists who did not even attend the convention.  From the perspective of those in the audience, such trivialised rubbish has only marked those writers as people not to be trusted in future on any topic. Genuine reporting would have recognised the euphoric atmosphere and the sea of smiling faces at the convention leading to investigative reporting as to why that was so.  One can only assume that finding the truth to be painful elicits a reaction from some by sheer panicked prejudice.
The Global Atheist Convention was a resounding success judged by any criteria except the one cocooned in bigotry.  The social isolation experienced by Atheism has suffered a severe blow and things will never be the same again. Atheism is not going away. To a greater extent each year it will impact positively on the education and political systems to the benefit of all the population and not just the few who shelter under the umbrella of religion.
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