The Atheist Foundation of Australia rejects outright the preposterous claims by Peter Jensen regarding Atheism.  Christianity is reeling from an overwhelming number of child sex abuse claims and an inability to rectify the abysmal situation satisfactorily for the victims.

And what is Jensen’ response coinciding with the religious Easter, a time supposedly of peace and forgiveness. He seeks out a scapegoat and attacks Atheism without any understanding of what he is saying.

Atheists contribute to society, as does any other citizen.

Atheists are not out to Stalinize or bring Nazism into the world. In fact, the critical thinking employed by Atheism in determining there is no god is the same method of thought, which keeps us all safe from the various tyrannies that have plagued the planet.

To state we ‘hate his god’ or are ‘attacking his god’ is nonsense. How does one hate or attack that which does not exist.

Jensen’s intolerance about Atheism is reminiscent of other instances in history where innocent groups have been vilified by religion with disastrous results.

Is it any wonder, the flock is leaving the nests in droves in educated and progressive societies.

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