The Atheist Foundation of Australia was today horrified to read that the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal handed down its decision to allow the Wesley Mission the right to continue discriminating against homosexual Australians who are willing to provide foster homes to children in need.

Despite receiving vast government benefits and taxpayer money, the Wesley Mission and other Christian religions are legally allowed to discriminate against gay people who are putting themselves forward to help care for orphaned and abandoned children.

“While there are children requiring much needed loving homes, and that these homes and families are available, the Church may refuse the good willed applicants on the basis of their sexual orientation,” David Nicholls, President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia, said.

“The majority of Australian citizens agree that discriminating on the basis of religious belief is no longer acceptable in this day and age.

“And where is the morality in the fact that the Catholic Church can be happy about circumventing democratic principles?” Mr Nicholls added.

Most revealing were the comments publicly made by the Tribunal decision makers outlining that they were effectively bound by the broad exemptions of the Anti-Discrimination Act, and that Parliament may wish to revise those laws.

The NSW Parliament must act urgently and quickly to revise the anti-discrimination laws that allow this unjust law to continue.

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