Three mystery men, we know not why,
Were guided by a star on high.
They came from a far-off pagan land,
Over rough terrain and desert sand.

To keep track of a celestial star,
On horse or foot you’ll not get far.
Then find the house where it does alight,
Is too absurd from that great height.

Why pagans should honour a Jewish lad,
Is hard to say, it sounds quite mad.
But since the sun orbits the earth,
All things are likely with this strange birth.

No mention of a humble stable,
That’s just for kids, a poignant fable.
No sheep or cows with soulful eyes,
This pitiful tale, a subtle guise.

Last to know, Herod got the news,
A child was born, King of the Jews.
Yet pagan men in a distant land,
Long before, received word first-hand.

As the wise men journeyed, heading west,
They heard King Herod had one request.
He asked that they should let him know,
The very house the star would show.

But in a dream, God said don’t betray,
And with this warning, went on their way.
They found the house where the star had led,
And paid homage to the child instead.

They plied him with quite useless stuff,
That left poor Mary in a huff,
‘Frankincense and myrrh are not a treat,
We want nappies and a bite to eat.’

The three wise men then turned for home,
It’s not quite clear why they first did roam.
What were their names? Is their story true?
Or just a myth like Jesus, too?

By Tony Lee