Religion is the ultimate incitement leading humans to be selfish. It holds its adherents in a delusional state where reality is contorted leaving them open to the acceptance of being a part of producing pain, suffering and death without remorse. It supplants a normal compassionate conscience with one that is in a state of unease if certain ‘givens’ are not adhered to, no matter what the consequences.

Its ever-present promises of worldly and other-worldly rewards are messages of delight for easy and uncritical ears. They sooth the troubling thoughts and wrinkled logic of the faithful by the ample supply of absolution from responsibility for supporting ghastly deeds perpetrated against those arbitrarily selected to be sinners.

The fear of eternal damnation and delight at thoughts of bliss forever, capture the religious mind, enslaving it to do the bidding of whatever is decreed.These induced selfish desires and terrors bind the faithful to an antiquated code, not produced by reason, but by ignorant men from an ignorant age.

So great has religious selfishness been down through a long evolutionary path that we have become genetically primed to ‘believe’ any supernatural message our culture teaches. Our selfish delusion nullifies the vastly differing cultural practices of past and present times by simply stating they were and are wrong. Our delusion offers no proof whatsoever on this point; rather it luxuriates in convenient and purposed rhetoric.

The selfish feelings of personal salvation by the individual religionist, is the foundation of much of the injustice that is now present and has visited the planet.

The selfishness is so great and so disguised by delusion, that each and every society not only sanctions the indoctrination of its children with the unproven, it heavily promotes it as being truthful. Young defenceless minds succumb, to greater and lesser degrees, and forever more view existence through distorted thinking.

Because of the profound and long-term effects on the human mind, this type of brainwashing can only be described as child abuse of the worst kind. Will those that have been so abused, and are now the abusers, (a common result) ever wake up to this irreducible fact.

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