Our one and only home, planet earth, is under human attack as never before. Orbiting space-craft witness and record the decimation of its smoke-hazed forests, changing temperatures in its oceans, the melting of its ice-caps, the chemical assault on its atmosphere and its expanding deserts.

At ground level, individuals and groups bear the brunt of ever-worsening storm surges with resultant chaotic flooding, unmatched wild-fires, endless famine, salting soils, respiratory illness, polluted drinking water and a host of other environmental negatives.

Tensions between nations are becoming more severe, numerically more and more potentially explosive in character. The unknown consequences of one or many conflicts suddenly and unstoppably erupting into massive violence have passed the point of possible and are now in the realm of when. Technically advanced weaponry will assure massive destruction.

The changing of existing political alliances between countries, because of perceived or real injustices is beyond any present day calculation. The unpredictability of rapid escalation of hostilities by the nature of modern electronic warfare can do naught but leave little time for due protest.

We are in fact at war on two fronts right now. A raging insatiable war is decimating the environment at an unprecedented rate. The other war of imminently serious concern is ideologically based and shows absolutely no signs of diminishing.

As shocking and unbelievable as it may sound, we are living at a time of the commencement of World War III. The evidence is irrefutable. The two preceding World wars may have been different in many aspects, but let it not be forgotten they themselves were unique in comparison to all that came before them.

The impending unleashing of the forces of universal carnage and the extant environmental destruction are symptoms of an unrecognised condition that is rife in all cultures. They are the result of an evolutionary trait that has shaped humanities world-view, giving it a special creature status ordained so by supernatural decree.

Once a way of explaining the workings of nature, this would-be psychological crutch has turned viciously against us, and without a doubt, will destroy us if not curtailed. As each of us despondently ponders an extremely poor global prognosis, we can feel utterly helpless in standing in opposition to the seemingly insurmountable problems growing by the day. We feel we can do nothing and that is exactly what we do.

There is no one on Earth that can accurately predict if we are all going to hell-in-a-basket or indeed that if we dispense with our superstitious religious side our survival long into the future will be assured. The only accuracy in prediction is that if we continue on a god driven path, our demise is guaranteed.

The two choices open are very clear. Be on the religious side that is the problem or be on the Atheist side of a chance at a solution. To call oneself an Atheist and do nothing is not good enough. Join a group such as ours while you still can or face the possibility of spending the remainder of your life on a rapidly diminishing planet, wishing you had.

The power of one that is you can make us many. The salvation of the planet is at stake.

Please think about this.

By David Nicholls