The Bible doctrines relating to homosexuality and equality of the office for women are matters for heated argument in the major Christian churches today, yet all are in accord regarding the virgin Mary. The obvious fact is that this doctrine is patently false.

Two thousand years ago no one had any idea of the true nature of conception. It was fully believed that the role of the female was simply to act as the receptacle and host for the development of the male ‘seed’. That the offspring is the result of an egg being fertilised by a male sperm is a comparatively recent discovery. The child is only possible because it shares the chromosomes of both parents.

In Luke’s gospel are these words “the angel came into her (Mary)…and the angel said: “the Holy Ghost shall come upon you and thou shalt conceive. That which is born shall be called the Son of God (Yahweh)”. Matthew adds “thou shall call him Jesus”.

John says “the same (Jesus) was in the beginning with God (Yahweh). All things were made by Him.”

Let us analyse the above words. For Jesus to be the son of Yahweh, Yahweh must have come upon Mary to fertilise her ovum so Jesus would be half human and half super-human. We now know that in every male ejaculation there are millions of sperm. Can you imagine a mature god becoming a specific sperm? By what pathway do sperm reach the ovum? There is only one logical pathway and that is via the vagina and the organ of delivery is a male penis. Are theologians proposing that Yahweh used some other method? Obviously the procedure occurred on a very dark night so that the donor with the physical organ remained invisible.

There is a problem here with the doctrine of the Trinity, for if Jesus is distinct from Yahweh he cannot be both in heaven and in the womb of Mary at the same time but how could the creator of everything become a sperm? If Jesus is the son of Yahweh then he could not have existed prior to his human birth. If he had a previous existence, then he could not become physical sperm and yet the Bible speaks of ‘us’ as ‘we’ when referring to divinity.

Mary was not married when fertilisation took place so Jesus was a bastard and according to Deuteronomy 23:2 “a bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord even unto the tenth generation.” In other words they are accursed of Yahweh yet Yahweh rejects his own edict.

Finally, the Vatican declares that Mary was always a virgin. If that is so, then the marriage to Joseph was never consummated.”Christians can swallow camels but choke on gnats.”

By Keith S Cornish