Scientific Atheism is the acceptance that there is no credible scientific or factually reliable evidence for the existence of a god, gods, or the supernatural.

Many people consider Atheism reminiscent of devil worship, communism or a state of living without ethical standards. Effective vilification, over many years, has lumbered Atheism with bad press or none at all. To be an Atheist places individuals in a socially uncomfortable slot, disallowing any perceived threat to the status quo of those with a ‘faith’.

The previously mentioned descriptions do not tell a truthful story. Atheists are people, similar to any other, with the same fears and aspirations common to all humanity. To quote Shakespeare: “If you prick us, do we not bleed?” Yes, we do, and we bleed mentally at the continual misrepresentation of our philosophy.

The history of contemporary Atheism as a way of viewing existence, although its roots are thousands of years old, developed in recent times from Deism. Rejecting Christianity and a personal saviour is not new, with the counter an understanding that a god initiated the universe and then departed. However, Deism has given way to Atheism due to the expanding knowledge of nature. There is no longer need to accept the universe is young and created by a god, as evolutionary theory dispelled that remarkably convincingly.

The inaccurate propagandist nonsense that Hitler was an Atheist, along with Stalin and other dictators, has easy-ears believing Atheism menaces civilisation with ‘evil’ destruction. Forgotten in all of the convenient hype is the fact most dictators come from religious backgrounds. Simultaneous loss of memory regarding religious atrocities rounds off the theme suitable for the desired inaccurate negative outlook.

Tyrannies, be they religious or Atheistic, result from the pampered prejudices of populations allowing manipulative leaders access to power beyond the properly elected will. Freely chosen Atheism in democratic societies delivers rational opposition to the inherent theistic excesses of all religions. Australia stands as a fine example of this.

Modern scientific Atheism does not fit the mould of producing, supporting or even attempting to create dictatorial rule. The opposite is the case. Atheism sees all persons, no-matter what their race, colour, sexual orientation, religion or no-religion as having equal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Informed consensus rule is a cornerstone of Atheistic thought.

Scientific Atheism works on the principle that the utilisation of credible evidence in personal, political and national decisions be the main guide for societies. The consequences of choices take into account the understanding of a common empathy and compassion. Scientific Atheism analytically examines the failings of systems, which allow preferential treatment to the disadvantage of arbitrarily victimised groups. It acknowledges that the rich tapestry of humanity is not open to the selective interpretation of writings from ignorant times.

As never before, because of technical ability and overpopulation, the planet et al is under fatal attack from the human mind. The existing and potential confrontation is not from ‘them’, rather it results from a myriad of subjective, ‘we-are-right’ at all costs, ideologies.

Pigeonholing scientific Atheism into a decidedly unacceptable category reeks of irresponsible promotion. It misrepresents a positive response to the dire circumstances afflicting a world in turmoil. Scientific Atheism places Homo sapiens in proper perspective in the Universe, away from unevidenced, dangerous and improbable illusions erroneously manufactured in the superstitious cauldrons of antiquity.

Scientific Atheism unequivocally affirms that we are alone in a cosmos devoid of supernatural realms. The existence of such mental notions are invalidated by the total absence of evidence. Consequently, humanity has to deal with the psychological implications of that knowledge effectively if we are to survive.

The stakes can be no higher. The gamble that the many gods will disallow the universe to be devoid of appreciative minds or replace mortal life with a supernatural realm is speculating against all odds. The wager is stacked in favour of human and other evolutionary history, abruptly and with no remorse, halting forever more.

By David Nicholls