The Atheist Foundation of Australia congratulates Barack Obama for his decision to endorse same-sex marriage. The USA has much to thank Mr Obama for, even though America is beset with abundant amounts of religious bigotry in opposition to this move. Taking such an electoral gamble is the mark of a true statesman.

The far more secular nation of Australia has a self-declared atheist at its political helm. Religious prejudice such as that promoted by the Catholic Church and the Australian Christian Lobby may be noisy but it is not representative of the majority of the population. Nor are these dinosaur organisations descriptive of ethical behaviour.

The Atheist Foundation of Australia calls upon the Julia Gillard government to take the lead set by Barack Obama and put full support towards same-sex marriage. That the Labor Party has not taken the initiative in this matter before cannot be altered. But Labor can at least be amongst the first to disregard religious intolerance in following the long awaited for American wisdom.

David Nicholls

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