The Atheist Foundation of Australia (AFA) announces the retirement of President David Nicholls and Magazine Editor Lee Holmes.

David has held the position of President for 8 years during which the profile of Atheism in Australia has grown dramatically.

Outgoing president of the AFA, David Nicholls, said:

“It has been a wonderful experience and a privilege being the president of the AFA since 2005, which included being heavily involved with the two Global Atheist Conventions.  I am, however, looking forward to retirement and regaining a less demanding normality in my life.”

David and Lee have worked tirelessly to advance the aims of the AFA. Notable achievements under David’s presidency include the 2010 and 2012 Global Atheist Conventions, the controversial Bus Ad Campaign of 2011, the 2012 Census Awareness Campaign, addressing the Commonwealth Senate enquiry into charitable tax exemptions and commissioning the first television advertisements for atheism.

Lee Holmes has been the editor of The Australian Atheist magazine for 8 years, and has transformed it into a must read for any Australian atheists and for any theists who want to know how quickly the ground is moving under their feet. Lee has also mastered various other roles in the organisation at different times including that of treasurer, membership officer and importantly, managing the first AFA website.

Lee and David will be sorely missed by the members and Committee of the Atheist Foundation. We wish them well and thank them for a job well done.

Michael Boyd, the current Vice President of the AFA will assume the role of President. Tracy Burgess will become Magazine Editor.

Michael Boyd said:

“It is an honour to accept the position of President of this very important organisation. David and Lee have left large boots to be filled, however, the Committee of the AFA is an incredibly talented and committed group and I am sure the AFA will continue to be the leading force for Atheism in Australia. Celebrations at David and Lee’s retirement in the mosques and churches of Australia will be short lived.”


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