The Atheist Foundation of Australia is proud to support Think Inc’s An Evening with Sam Harris Tour.

In the current social and intellectual landscape, Sam Harris is a valuable and vigorous agent of rational thought, where evidence thrives and evangelicalism dies. A neuroscientist, author, philosopher and critic of religion, Harris spearheads the New Atheism movement.

Alongside Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and the late Christopher Hitchens, Harris is one of the ‘four horsemen of the non-apocalypse’, dedicated to expelling from society the detriments of religious faith, and promoting the prosperities of science and secularism.

Harris has penned numerous bestselling and award-winning books detailing the detriments of religious indoctrination, whilst providing critical tools to self-fulfillment which fit within the modern social, secular and intellectual landscape: The End of Faith: Religion, Terror and the Future of Reason (2005), Letter to a Christian Nation (2006), The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values (2010), and most recently Waking Up: a Guide to Spirituality Without Religion (2014). His upcoming book is Islam and the Future of Tolerance: A Dialogue, co-written with Maajid Nawaz (author of Radical: My Journey out of Islamist Extremism (2012)), slated for release in October 2015.

Full members of the AFA will be able to purchase tickets at a 10% discount; an email will be shortly sent to members advising them of the promotion code required to obtain the discount.

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